One-year Program to Prevent Human Trafficking

Author: Főadmin Date: 2013. január 28., hétfő 15:40

HBAid is implementing an anti-trafficking project, supported by the Visegrád Fund, in cooperation with two partner organizations; EDUCON from the Czech Republic and PIPA from Slovakia. Our aim, during the year ahead,  is to show our presentations in as many middle schools as possible from the three participating countries to draw the attention of more and more students about the dangers of human trafficking. We use a short movie in our presentation that gives an overall view about the international and domestic situation of human trafficking. Through this, the students can get answers to questions like: how someone can become a victim, who can be asked for help when in trouble like this, and what important facts have to be considered when someone gets a job abroad.
Through these presentations, our main goal is to inform as many young people as possible about the dangers of human trafficking.


For more information, visit the official websites of the program:




Love without borders

Workers of HBAid in Tacloban again

Five months after the typhoon in Tacloban (Philippines) and its surrounding areas, Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is rebuilding a school and a kindergarten that were damaged, distributing water purification systems for families, and helping injured children.

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