Further Hungarian Mission in South Sudan

Author: Főadmin Date: 2014. március 24., hétfő 15:24

The new country, which had formed 3 years ago, is not prepared to handle such humanitarian catastrophe - the Deputy State Secretary said – this is why they need help from abroad – he added.

He evoked that a serious inner conflict emerged in the African country last December when more than two thousand people died and some ten thousand had to leave their homes. Wintermantel called it an unprecedented result that Hungarians could be thefirst to give assistance on an international scale and even preceding the UN mission with one week.

The members of the mission group who arrived on January 13, 2014, even before the ceasefire, were the first foreigners in the capital, Juba.

The quick help was made possible by Peter Kvek, the Hungarian ambassador of Egypt who is accredited in Sudan too, who closely followed the happenings and took the necessary diplomatic steps at the proper time.

“The help arrived in the best time and form.” – Deputy State Secretary quoted the words of the South Sudanese president.

He pointed out to that in the 1970s and 80s many students from Sudan, which was unified at that time, studied in our country and have made significant political carriers upon their return. Therefore, since they have a strong emotional connection to Hungary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based on this relationship, hopes that their country can be a gate for the Hungarian global opening in their region. The current humanitarian aid can contribute to this effort - closed his thoughts the Deputy State Secretary for Global Affairs.

It is great that Hungary is ready and able to reach out in help to any area of the world if it is needed – Sándor Szenczy, leader of HBAid, said. He recalled that this is their fifth trip to the region with the intentions of providing aid. The missionary trip in January took place because fluent Hungarian speaking South Sudanese politicians asked for help from Hungary. After a quick decision and because of Peter Kvek’s diplomatic preparation they were able to work successfully. They started off with a shipment that was assembled based on experiences from the missionary trip in January and contained mostly tools to secure broken limbs. On the press conference Éva Varga, doctor, and László Pavelcze, the Director of Disaster Management, also talked about their personal experiences.



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