Baptist rescuers arrived home from Nepal with a six-month-old Hungarian little girl

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The rescue team worked for six days at the earthquake-stricken area, whilst it was continuously in relations with the delegation of UN OCHA, the government of Nepal and its local partners. The five-member-group, including its American partners, with local volunteers, helped and provided medical care for 98 children and 166 adults in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas. The delegates of Rescue 24 brought 18 thousand euro in aid to the country, from which they purchased several hundred tents: 300 were distributed in the villages of the high mountains South from Kathmandu, and another 300 were given to the most deprived areas by local volunteers. The workers of Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) allocated further assistance to the survivors, such as tons of lentils, rice and drinking water.
At the request of the family, with the technical help of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HBAid’s special rescue team arrived with a Hungarian six-month-old little girl and with her Nepalese grandparents, who were stranded in the country due to the earthquake.



The Hungarian President and the Ambassador of Turkey thanked the rescuers who returned home

On the afternoon of February 14, the President of Hungary, Katalin Novák greeted the Hungarian rescuers who helped Turkey, including members of Hungarian Baptist Aid’s HUBA Rescue24 team, in ’Sándor Palota’ (Sándor Palace).

The rescue team of Hungarian Baptist Aid has returned home from Turkey

The HUBA Rescue24 rescue team of Hungarian Baptist Aid has completed its mission in Antakya, Turkey. The team arrived at Liszt Ferenc Airport on Sunday morning, where they were greeted with flowers and applause by the representatives of the Turkish Embassy, along with family members, colleagues and workers of the press.

Earthquake in Turkey: the special rescue team has found ten survivors in Antakya

On Tuesday, at 7pm Hungarian time, a man was lifted from the ruins by the HUBA Rescue24 International Fire and Rescue Team of Hungarian Baptist Aid in Turkey.

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