Dog-Assisted Rescue Team has Protected many Lives

Author: Főadmin Date: 2012. február 23., csütörtök 14:56

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László Garai, a special rescue worker explains, “The help of the specially trained dogs are utilized in quests for missing persons, crime victims and criminal investigation clues. This averages 4 to 5 deployments per month. We assist the local authorities, for several days if needed, in the search of missing persons, along with other dog-assisted teams. The training of the dogs, participating in the rescue work is a process that lasts for years, and it requires at least 3 or 4 trainings a week, often among extreme weather conditions.” He added that success was not only a matter of competency of the trained dogs but also of the aptitude and perseverance of the dog handlers.

Source: Blikk.hu
Translation: HBAid


Sándor Szenczy founding president emeritus 1965-2022

Sándor, you are blessed and you have been a blessing! For millions, but most of all for us. Thank You!

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