Aid in Serbia and Croatia, Hygiene Container at the Border

Author: Főadmin Date: 2015. szeptember 22., kedd 16:18

This past weekend, the volunteers of Hungarian Baptist Aid along with their Serbian partner organization, have been working in multiple locations, including Röszke, Szabadka, Zombor, and Pélmonostor. They have distributed fruits and food packages to many thousand refugees and hygiene packages for families with children. The humanitarian organization’s primary focus groups are the women, children, and the injured people. The food packages contained bread, fruit, muesli bars, jam, canned fish, milk, hand wipes, and water. Families with small children received hygienic packs with diapers, wipes, cookies and baby food. 

Hungarian Baptist Aid is also present and working at the western side of the country. At the Szentgotthárd registration camp, responding to the county’s emergency unit, the organization placed bathroom and shower containers. The work continues, on Sunday a big truck load of warm clothes, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, as well as a baby bathing mobile unit were put together. The supplies will get to Tovarnik, Croatia, on Monday. 

Besides these donations, the “Respect for the Heroes” program of Hungarian Baptist Aid is also helping the soldiers and policeman serving at the borders.


Sándor Szenczy founding president emeritus 1965-2022

Sándor, you are blessed and you have been a blessing! For millions, but most of all for us. Thank You!

Authors and publishers for refugees

Participants in a prestigious professional conference donated to Hungarian Baptist Aid to help war refugees.

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Hungarian Baptist Aid started to work in the transit waiting hall operating in BOK Hall.

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