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Successful Camps and Missions Nationwide and Across Borders

Szerző: Főadmin Bejegyzés: 2017. augusztus 09., szerda 09:35

This summer, Hungarian Baptist Aid together with American volunteers, organized camps and mission trips in several settlements of the country. Furthermore, health care assistance was in focus beyond the borders.



Hungarian Baptist Aid’s Robotics Team in Japan

Nagoya, Japan – From July 26th to 30th, the international competitions of RoboCup Junior 2017 was organized, where the robotics team of Hungarian Baptist Aid participated within the Rescue category.

Helping the Refugees in the transit zones of the Southern Border

Röszke, Tompa – As a member of Charity Council, the workers and volunteers of Hungarian Baptist Aid are working at the Southern borders of Hungary in the following months to meet the request of Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities.

After its national qualification, Rescue24 received an international INSARAG award

Kovácsvágás, Hajdúszoboszló – Couple of days ago, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s special rescue team, HUBA Rescue24 Fire-fighter and Rescue International Group earned national and international qualifications for the next five years after its successful practice.

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